Bavel eBilling

Dramatically reduce manual processes by automating your invoicing procedures (directly from the Mews Hospitality Cloud or ERP), accelerate the payment cycle, and optimize your settlement fees by choosing the forms of payment that best suit your needs.

baVel reduces administrative costs and fuels productivity of Accounts Receivable by electronically automating the manual invoicing and reconciliation procedures and virtually eliminating most sources of dispute-causing errors.

More than 1,000 OTAs, Tour Operators, DMCs, Bedbanks, TMCs and travel companies use baVel to automate their invoicing and payment procedures, with a network of over 50,000 leading hotels and other travel service providers.


  • Automate B2B invoicing directly from Mews right into your Accounts Payable system
  • Use one process for all invoicing – no more worrying about multiple formats
  • Fulfil legal requirements and get full traceability over your invoices and payments
  • Get paid quicker
  • Reduce the number of errors in invoice processing and cut paper useage

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