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Ever worried about how to fix your prices correctly in a crowded, complex marketplace? Beonprice can help.

Beonprice analyzes your data and your market, using our unique Hotel Quality Index (HQI ™) to recommend the optimum price at all times. Beonprice is a hotel's strategic revenue optimization solution that maximizes hotel profitability by finding the best combination of consumer demand and hotel supply through patented SaaS Artificial Intelligence technology. It helps hotels generate more revenue and RevPAR and make better decisions. Beonprice develops HQI™, the only index in the hospitality market that measures the overall quality of a hotel to know the competitive position and price elasticity of demand in the market. Benefits of integration Beonprice with MEWS: Taking into consideration hotel’s historical booking data, as well as other external parameters as local and national events, e-reputation, transportation price, weather forecast... the system recommends rates and restrictions which are published in real-time, using the latest data from the property management system. With this real-time, scalable, automated and flexible execution of rate publishing, hotels can more fully manage revenues and unlock the value of existing data within a PMS. Medium-sized hotels can devote more time to optimizing other areas of the business. In order to have the best experience with the product, Beonprice will plan a call to discuss the set up after the purchase on the Mews Marketplace. Please note there is a set up fee of €900,- which will be charged by Beonprice itself. The monthly costs for the use of Beonprice will be added to your monthly Mews invoice.


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