HUB Buildings

HUB Buildings is a modular and global system that helps in your daily operations and decision making. It can be used by any property using your own computer and smartphones, via an app with offline operation designed for mobile departments such as maintenance and housekeeping. HUB simplifies communication between departments by reducing response time, and is intuitive to use with quick staff adaptation. Get to know, in real time, all the maintenance or quality incidents, the room's status or availability, and the minibar's posting, etc.

HUB allows you to manage all daily operations of your hotel and provides all the necessary information for optimizing your processes. It is the modular and flexible solution that complements Mews Hospitality Cloud. There are a number of HUB modules available, including: CMMS (Corrective and preventive maintenance management); Housekeeping; Quality (management of guest incidents while they are in-house); Engineering & Construction (hotel refurbishment and life cycle management); F&B; and Audits, featuring customized audits and inspections with automatic report generation.


  • Get new check-ins, check-outs, room moves, updates, etc.
  • Get and update room status (Clean, Dirty, Inspected)
  • Get and add minibar products list
  • F&B Bookings: Manage outlet reservations to control affluence
  • GuestInTouch: guests can use their smartphone to manage their F&B bookings, communicate a HSK request (towels, amenities etc.) or report any technical issue in their room

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