Katanox is a direct booking API to allow hotels and demand partners to establish a partnership effortlessly. Connect to the next generation of demand partners ranging from airlines to travel publishers, voice assistants to messaging apps. A true marketplace approach enables more transparency, control and margins. Katanox removes the complexity of hotel distribution and establishes a direct connection to your demand partner. No 3rd parties need to be included nor compensated, requiring lower commissions to be charged. Take control over your agreements and terms and set them in one platform. Receive all available customer data in order to start selling ancillary services pre-check-in and increase customer lifetime value. Always be in control of the content offered by any of your demand partners. You can set spotlight images to make sure that the right image is used in every listing. Set the rates at any time and you can be confident that all of your demand partners will immediately follow these same rates, without ever having to worry about parity. An efficient payment flow ensures you are paid at the agreed terms while reducing the financial fees on virtual credit cards and exchange rates.


- Sync availability, rates and restrictions

- Upload your content

- Receive direct bookings

- Allow Mews to handle payments directly

- Receive direct guest details, including their original email address

- Operates in a gross pricing environment only

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