Nonius Software

Nonius offers technology that enables hospitality operators to provide their guests with a great experience. A comprehensive portfolio of products and services for all Hotel segments, comprising solutions for Guest Internet Access (GIA/WI-FI), casting, TV solutions (Interactive/IPTV/COAX), digital signage, voice (IP/Analog), mobile apps and APIs, and entertainment content (OTT/VoD/MoD). With Mews an Nonius you can: 1. Use guest data from Mews and provide unique guest experiences by displaying welcome messages and send them messages directly from the PMS to the in-room TVs. 2. Post charges for products directly on guests’ bills from Nonius TV or Nonius Mobile app. 3. Seamless Authentication on the Nonius Wi-Fi Captive portal. Connect Nonius with MEWS and automatically add any purchased items directly to your guest's bill.

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