The Popina application is an app available on the App Store that can be installed by any owner of an iPad in a few minutes. Popina simplifies the management of hotel restaurants and bars, with easy cash collection and a large ecosystem of features. The app has over 400 features and integrations and has a clean and intuitive interfact that's easy for staff to pick up straight away.

Popina is the highest rated POS cash on the App Store, and integrates seamlessly with Mews Hospitality Cloud, allowing you to transfer your Popina data straight into your cloud PMS. That means you can transfer a table order straight to the customer's profile and add the charge to their room, improving the customer experience.


  • Find guest data and send bills to room or guest profile
  • Link Popina categories to Mews services categories
  • Send outlets for all orders payed in the Popina system


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