YieldPlanet Price Optimizer RMS

Price Optimizer increases your revenue with fully automated Dynamic Pricing and precise distribution, enabling unprecedented flexibility in the automation of prices, availability, and restrictions for distribution.

The rules allow limiting availability, close rate plans or change restrictions based on any combination of season, channels, rate plans, weekdays or room types, making this a fully flexible solution to automate any sales strategy with fully dynamic and automated pricing. Price optimizations are done in near real-time – every reservation triggers a recalculation and optimized prices are immediately published on all channels so your hotel will always be optimally priced and best rates will be available on direct channels.

All prices, availability and restrictions are automatically calculated based on the hotel’s configuration and automatically distributed to connected online channels. Prices, availability, MLOS restrictions, over and under-bookings and cancellation probability can be reviewed and, if necessary. manually changed from one screen.

Intelligent forecasting algorithms (available in the PRO version) provide you with daily updated insights into the hotel’s future occupancy and revenue. Data obtained from Mews is also used for the creation of pick-up booking pace and other insightful reports.


  • Real-time availability data obtained from Mews
  • Recalculated rates sent automatically and directly to channels
  • Reservations at the quoted price are automatically sent back to Mews
  • Historical and future reservation data is obtained for reporting and forecasting


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