Avutec MewsAxon

Smart ANPR parking

An arriving guests parks before going to the reception for check-in. License plate recognition connected to the reservation system opens the parking facility automatically resulting in a smooth and convenient arrival. The Gatekeeper, AVUTEC’s LPR camera, connects with the Mews reservation system to find a matching reservation. When found the Gatekeeper opens the gate. Arrival times can be adjusted welcoming early arriving guests. The Gatekeeper interfaces with all access control systems, but can also operate in stand alone mode opening a barrier by itself.

For more information contact our sales department at sales@avutec.com.

  • ANPR camera designed to meet the latest specs in hardware
  • Integration platform containing both video analytics and integration modules
  • World class license plate recognition
  • Integrable with all but no necessity for extensive access control systems
  • Integrated with Mews so no extra software. Just add a license plate to a Mews reservation and it is done.


You need to have a contract with this integration partner before you connect this integration to your Mews account.

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