Avutec MewsAxon

Use ANPR to open your parking area for your guests and employees.

The AVUTEC Gatekeeper is a highly intelligent ANPR camera system with an integrated server (CortexFramework) that connects to the Mews reservation system. Even early arrivals are supported, as one can select an extra early arrival period in minutes, to open for early arriving guests.

For more information, ask your local AVUTEC dealer, Hexta perimeter security at info@hexta.nl or request information from sales@avutec.com.

  • Ask your guest for the license plate of the vehicle with which they will be travelling to your facilities.
  • The Gatekeeper will open them within the set early arrival period, giving them a warm welcome.


You need to have a contract with this integration partner before you connect this integration to your Mews account.

See Plug and play integrations