Avutec parking

Smart ANPR parking

Arriving guests park their car before going to the reception for check-in. During their entire stay leaving and entering the parking facility is fully automated. License plate recognition integrated with the Mews reservation system opens a parking facility automatically, resulting in a smooth and convenient parking experience.

The Gatekeeper, AVUTEC’s LPR camera, connects with the reservation system to find a matching booking. When found the Gatekeeper opens the gate. Arrival times can be adjusted welcoming early arriving guests; per booking multiple license plates can be added opening the barrier for all vehicles of a group. The Gatekeeper interfaces with all access control systems, but can also operate in stand alone mode opening a barrier by itself.

For more information contact our sales department at sales@avutec.com.

  • ANPR camera designed to meet the latest specs in hardware
  • Integration platform containing both video analytics and integration modules
  • World class license plate recognition
  • Integrable with all but no necessity for extensive access control systems
  • Integrated with Mews so no extra software. Just add a license plate to a Mews reservation and it is done.


You need to have a contract with this integration partner before you connect this integration to your Mews account.

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