We imagine, develop and deploy cloud based software solutions for the hospitality industry. We focus on the online sales and presence of accommodation providers. Our goal is to simplify the complex distribution landscape through our systems and to build partnerships in order to empower hotels to create wonderful guest experiences. Our platform, Hotel-Spider, tries to be the entry point to the online world for the hospitality industry, giving control back to the hotelier.

  • Full access to all change logs and messages that have been sent out or received by our system
  • Modern and easy to use extranet that gives you a fast and efficient access to manage your property by changing your sales strategy
  • Can modify price derivations and allow you to work with a pre-defined price logic, where products are linked
  • For example, your non-refundable rate moves in parallel with your standard rate and allowing dynamic, day-based differences
  • Send price update from Mews to Channel Manager
  • Send inventory updates from Mews to Channel Manager
  • Send restriction updates from Mews to Channel Manager
  • Receive bookings from Channel Manager
  • Update booking modifications sent by Channel Manager
  • Operate in net & gross pricing environments


You need to have a contract with this integration partner before you connect this integration to your Mews account.

See Plug and play integrations