Marketplace Business intelligence OTA Insight - Revenue Insight

OTA Insight - Revenue Insight

Revenue Insight is the business intelligence platform that delivers smarter hotel analytics by combining historical and future performance. Make hotel-level reporting simpler, better and faster with dynamic analytics on your Revenue Management KPIs. With Revenue Insight, users can compare their performance YoY in just a single click.

  • KPI performance monitoring: Room Nights, ADR and Room Revenue evolution over time, vs. reference indicator (time period or soon budget targets)
  • Stay date analysis: day by day revenue performance and price positioning vs main competitors
  • Pick-up and Pace visualisations: overview of recent booking trends and full-length booking patterns at the aggregated or granular level (i.e. per rate code)
  • Drill-down dynamic analysis options: Market Segment, Rate Code, Length of Stay (LOS), Day of the Week, Country of Origin, Room Type, Travel Agent/Channel and Company production


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