Statler BI

Optimise your Hotel's Performance

From daily operational dashboards to your monthly financial statements, Statler BI is a taylor-made and highly flexible budget and reporting platform for the hospitality industry. At Statler, we have combined decades of hospitality operational, financial and technology management to create our business intelligence platform for you. We deliver an intuitive and highly automated reporting platform providing you with the data you need to run your hotel. Day by day, month by month and year by year. Our state of the art SAAS platform is available 24/7 on your desktop and your mobile, and lets you hit the ground running. No upfront investment, and no hidden cost. And the integration with MEWS makes it effortless. You will receive your operations reports on a daily basis, fully automated.


The basis of Statler BI is our budget platform. We use built-in formulas and functions to ensure you have your budget set up in no time. And of course you can do that together with your team. Each team member can update his or her own budget details. Easy does it!


We built Statler to help you run your hotel. And since running a hotel already is a challenge, we provide you with a tailor made solution that allows you to setup and start using the platform within a day. That's a promise. And if you are still challenged, we will do the setup for you.


Our platform comes with data in all shapes and sizes. Preconfigured reports, dashboards and graphical overviews out of the box. Need more flexibility? Create your own dashboard. Still not satisfied? Our team can help you build customised reports, tailored to your company's specific needs.

  • Extract data to provide hotel-customised daily reporting.


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