“Guest experience automation”
Make sure you know what the customer wants, when he wants it, how he wants it and where he wants it. Throdi helps you to find out and to serve your guests from start to finish.

The Throdi "one-stop app" ensures that the customer feels personally welcome.
You do not only create an optimal guest experience by increasing material comfort. All hotel facilities and services can be operated from its own Smart Phone via one free downloadable application. The app adapts to the style of your hotel.

Do you want to take the first step towards a better guest experience?
Then Throdi helps you as a hotelier to realize an easy and effective way.
Management of all hotel facilities and services:

  1. Pre-stay with data adjustment and Up-selling
  2. E-communication
  3. Automatic WiFi connection
  4. Online check-in
  5. Consulting all info
  6. Services in hotel and room service
  7. Support chat function between guest and reception
  8. Online Checkout
  9. Review
  10. Encourage direct booking
  11. Smart TV

All this with the "one-stop Throdi dashboard”.
The bi-directional link with your PMS system ensures that this can all be viewed and operated via one dashboard. As few links and different logins as possible.

  • Check-in module: Find your booking details and adjust them if needed
  • Book a reservation: Ability to change room status from Throdi housekeeping app and will update to the Throdi application guest, and in Mews


You need to have a contract with this integration partner before you connect this integration to your Mews account.

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