The Maj Hotel customer story

The Maj Hotel reduces labor costs and automates the guest journey thanks to Mews

This boutique hotel in the heart of Philadelphia’s Museum District has been using Mews since day one to ensure the best possible experience for their guests and employees. 

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$3000 per month saved on labor costs


Two thirds of bookings made direct


8.5% booking engine conversion rate

About The Maj Hotel

The Maj Hotel is a boutique hotel with 26 elegant rooms in the heart of Philadelphia’s Museum District neighborhood. Their tech-forward accommodation, luxurious amenities and convenient central location create a unique hospitality experience for a perfect mix of work and rest. This pet friendly hotel has an on-site café and a business center, as well as a 24-hour fitness center for those who prefer an active stay. Guests can easily explore the rich, local neighborhood and immerse themselves in the culture of one of the US’ most fascinating cities. 

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“Mews has been with us since our opening. I love how I can manage the hotel remotely to create a seamless guest journey. Instead of worrying about long check-ins and payments, our guests can instantly tap into the cultural richness of this incredible city and have a remarkable stay.”

Sandra Alcazar
General Manager, The Maj Hotel

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Phenomenal labor costs savings and secure payments


In the post-pandemic hospitality landscape, rising labor costs threaten the profitability and long-term viability of properties all over the world.


To tackle increasing labor costs, The Maj Hotel reduced overnight staff and let Mews' innovative tech stack complete late-night check-ins. Upon arrival, guests pay using Mews Terminal, a fully automated card reader that simplifies the payment process – and doesn't require any staff present.

Mews Payments also eliminates manual errors and saves time for the Maj Hotel team, who are freed from repetitive credit card entries. It also ensures the highest level of payment security – seeing the origin of chargebacks makes the team confident about potential fraud cases. The contactless check-in experience unlocks a new level of trust and safety for guests who don't like others handling their credit cards.


• $3000 per month saved on labor costs
• Remote check-in
• Apple Pay is convenient for guests who just want to charge everything to the room

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Automated housekeeping drives more upsell revenue


Housekeepers used to receive their daily tasks on a piece of paper, and their cleaning progress was tracked via text messages and phone calls. This inefficient approach absorbed a lot of the team’s time and energy while increasing operational costs for the hotel.


The Maj Hotel uses Mews' hotel housekeeping software to schedule, view and manage tasks – all within the housekeeping app. With a real-time overview of every room, hotel departments can collaborate much more efficiently, without wasting time on phone calls or post-it exchanges. Switching to 100% paperless communication also supports the hotel’s sustainability efforts, which is becoming an increasingly important deciding factor for hotel guests.


• More revenue through upsells such as early check-in
• 100% paperless communication

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Flexible mobile management


Traditional property management systems are only accessible on-premises and don't support remote management, which is not aligned with the Maj Hotel's vision of running on a cloud-based PMS.


The Maj Hotel looked for the most innovative tools and technology to create a flawless guest experience and empower their staff. They found a perfect match in Mews, where all elements are designed with both guest and user experience in mind. Beyond a simple interface that’s intuitive to use, the platform is also cloud-based and accessible anywhere from any device. Full flexibility has also improved staff engagement, as the Maj Hotel team can manage everything remotely – from billing transactions to housekeeping.


• Staff can log in from anywhere to check tasks and quick overview

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“We’re impressed by how sophisticated and yet easy to use Mews is. Our guests are enjoying its versatility too. Requesting extra towels and pillows, connecting to the Wi-Fi and opening their room doors is always just a click away. That’s the biggest win for us – simplifying how our guests book and interact with us.”

Sandra Alcazar
General Manager, The Maj Hotel

Integration spotlight

Toast POS

The Maj Hotel uses Mews direct integration with Toast, an all-in-one restaurant management solution designed for restaurants of all sizes. It acts as a single software platform for point of sale, digital ordering, reporting, and even employee management. The integration enables The Maj Hotel to post orders to guest profiles and automate the transfer of revenue and payment information into the Mews Accounting report. Supported features include room charge and revenue sync.

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Kohost lets hotels offer mobile check-in, room control, keyless entry, and concierge/messaging. The Maj Hotel uses Kohost to set their property apart with a tech-forward guest experience, including the possibility to upload check-in documents, receive a key and control the hotel room – all through a single platform.

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