15 September 2022

Faern, a new lifestyle resort brand, powers up with Mews

The collection of Swiss Alps resorts undergoes rapid digital transformation, with Mews at its heart.

[PRAGUE / ZURICH] Mews, the award-winning hospitality cloud, has been chosen by Faern as the PMS to help establish its new collection of lifestyle resorts in the Swiss Alps.  


Faern combines vintage alpine charm with modern convenience, providing a haven for guests, both in and out of ski season. The brand is managed by Vertell Asset Management, who specialize in bringing cutting-edge technology to their hotel investments.  

“We needed to move away from on-premises solution and embrace the increased productivity and savings of cloud technology,” said Thibault Catala, Co-Founder and COO of Faern. “It’s important for us to be agile, and Mews is the best solution for this. In the last year we’ve accomplished what a big chain would take ten years to achieve: changed our tech stack, our processes, our brand, our website. It’s really exciting to think what else we could achieve with Mews.” 

“We’ve known Thibault for a long time and love his forward-thinking vision of what hospitality should be,” said Matt Welle, CEO of Mews. “With the combination of a guest-centric mindset and leading technology through Mews and Mews Marketplace, I’m confident that Faern is going to be a huge success.” 

The team at Faern realize the value of automation and are keen to leverage this as much as possible in order for the staff to focus on the guest experience. For instance, by no longer having to reconcile the payment gateway with the PMS, hotel staff have more time to talk and properly engage with guests. Community is at the heart of the Faern ethos, so this shift is particularly important: 

“We don’t want hotel staff spending time doing administrative tasks where technology could perform much faster in an automated way,” said Thibault. “We want them to spend time connecting with the guests, improving their satisfaction and experience.” 

Mews is already live in the four properties, with some of the most notable immediate gains experienced by the finance team. “Previously there were a lot of manual reconciliation and other processes, but Mews is very accurate and precise when it comes to reporting and asset management,” explained Thibault. “It allows us to receive real time data from our properties to make more informed business decisions to drive profitability.”