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eSwipe is an innovative passport/ID scanning solution for speeding up and automating guest check-in and registration while eliminating data entry errors by seamlessly reading, capturing and accurately transferring data from ID documents and passports into Mews PMS.

By simply clicking "eSwipe" from the Mews scanner list and swiping the document through the slot of our state-of-the art swipe readers, guest data appear on Mews instantaneously with no typing or extra mouse clicks. Integrated keyboards as well as full page passport/ID scanners are also available with eSwipe for capturing and saving the images of the document. Our dedicated ADAsoft support team makes sure that any passport or ID that contains a machine readable zone (MRZ) is automatically recognized and imported into Mews. By using eSwipe your personnel can spend more quality time with your guests while your customer database will be accurate and complete, offering you a better marketing tool and after sales potential for the most competetive price in the market. This passport scanning solution facilitates GDPR regulation compliance since typing errors are eliminated and data is accurately registered as stated in GDPR regulation, Chapter II, Article 5, Section 1.d.