Our Mews teams

Where will you fit in?

The most important asset of any company is its people. We’d love to fill you in on the hundreds of remarkable people working for Mews, but that would be a little time consuming. Instead, let us take you through the eight teams that comprise our company.

Leadership team 

The Mews leadership team comes from a diverse background of hospitality, tech, start-ups and beyond, but what they have in common is passion, expertise, and ambition. They set not only the direction of the company, but the tone. There are no ivory towers or locked doors: each of them is just a Slack message away, always happy to talk and collaborate. 


Matthijs Welle, CEO


Connor Winders, VP Engineering

Commercial team

Although we’d like to think that the brilliance of Mews means it sells itself, there’s still plenty of work to be done by our Commercial team. Everyone in the team is a Mews product expert – they have to be in order to engage with potential customers, understand their needs, and then explain how Mews will transform their property. Basically, our sales teams are industry experts that engage with the highest levels within hospitality organizations.

They’re also proactive and ambitious, chasing down leads, networking at events, and setting up meetings. The team is rounded out by the likes of sales enablement and operations, who work together to ensure Mews has a lean, robust process when it comes to converting new properties.


Michael Wesner, Chief Commercial Officer


Aldair Borges, Product Manager

Product team 

Hopefully you already know that Mews helps hotels, hostels and apartments run their daily operations through a variety of products. This is the team that builds these products. Working with passion, empathy and integrity, the Product team puts our customers and their guests at the heart of every decision. 

To build these transformational solutions, they leverage a variety of methodologies and frameworks, including Agile, Lean and Design Thinking. They measure success through customer outcomes and business impact, and they’re always on the lookout for amazing new team members.  

Customer Success

 It's one of our biggest and most complex teams whose core responsibility is to look after our customers once they've decided to join Mews. 

The team is divided into six departments, each of which is tasked with a specific element of our customers’ journey. Their overall objective is to activate and enable Mews customers and help them make the most of our platform, while ensuring remarkable experiences for their guests. 


Sino Maho, Senior Customer Onboarding Manager

Stéphanie Sinovassin

Stéphanie Sinovassin, Senior Business Solutions Team Lead

Finance & Operations

Our Finance team is not a typical Finance team. Rather than spend most of their time on boring back-office admin, they automate as much as possible so that they can provide more support and additional value to the business. 

Don’t expect piles of paper and calculators in the office, but rather online tools, database connections, PowerBI and other technical goodness. As we have global ambitions, you’ll get the chance to work on major projects that you wouldn’t be able to experience in any other company. 


Roxana Dragomir, Senior Manager People Engineering

People team 

We prefer to think of our Mewsers as people, not human resources, which is why we don’t have an HR team, but a People team. This is the team responsible for the wellbeing of everyone in the company, whether that’s hiring new starters and ensuring they have everything they need to get settled, or developing new processes for benefits. 

Our People team have the challenge of helping us to scale rapidly over the next few years while also maintaining the unique Mews culture. Fortunately, they’re up to the task, and are able to combine autonomy and creativity with a product-driven outlook typical to the tech world. 

Mews Growth Program

We understand the importance of fresh perspectives. Whether you’re a student, a recent graduate, early on in your career, or seeking a career change, The Mews Growth Program offers high-potential individuals a fixed-term, full-time, paid opportunity with a pioneering hospitality tech company - that’s us!

At Mews, we’re committed to attracting and nurturing the next generation of talent. This won’t be your typical “observe and learn” placement - our Mews Growth Persons will work on real-world projects, solve challenging problems, and learn from industry experts. You’ll gain exposure to a wide range of experiences, and if all goes well, we hope to make you an offer you can’t resist.

To continue offering remarkable experiences and opportunities, our Mews Growth Program is undergoing a little makeover. However, we welcome you to register your interest via our Growth Program Talent Community and we’ll reach out when we kick things back off!