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A personalized guest experience web app that helps hotels maximize revenue, reduce prints and automate communication throughout the whole journey!.

The DigitalGuest platform empowers hotels to deliver a remarkable digital guest experience, while streamlining hotel operations and boosting the average spend per guest.


Personalized enticing offers, automated communication, guest feedback and so much more - all in one digital guest experience platform, completely customized to match your brand image.


Adding your content to our user friendly and intuitive platform is easy and fast, so you can get started creating amazing guest experiences in no time.


From pre-stay to post-stay we enable hotels to automatically reach the right guest at the right time with the right content using segmentation and based on the stage of the guest journey.






- **Maximize revenue**: Upgrades, room service, and upselling extras made easy! Sweeten your guest’s stay directly from their own smartphones from pre-stay to in-stay and maximize the average spend per guest.


- **Be sustainable**: Reduce the use of paper at your hotel by having all information gathered in your digital guestbook and keep your guests and staff well-informed about your sustainable initiatives.


- **Save valuable time**: With a customized and automated communication flow that covers the entire guest journey, you have time to focus on what truly matters – your guests.


- **Happier guests**: Increase the guest satisfaction by giving them a smooth and personlized guest journey, easy access to all information and customized upgrades. That will for sure boost the positive guest reviews.



###**The power of a 2-way integration**


Mews and DigitalGuest’s 2-way integration allows hotels using Mews to automate the process of receiving and handling orders coming in through the DigitalGuest platform. This means whenever a guest places an order in the guestbook or in a pre-stay upselling email - the order goes directly on the bill, the minute the hotel accepts the order! In this way, the hotel saves valuable time and ensures that the right order always gets added to the bill.


TheUnbound, Bonjardim560, WeesHuis part of Relais & Châteaux, Haltia Lake Lodge, and more than 550 hotels already benefit from using DigitalGuest and if your hotel is ready to join the innovators in hospitality – go ahead and book a demo or get in touch, together we can take your guest journey to the next level!


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