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Doinn, the proptech operations platform for hospitality operators and for service providersGetting the properties guest-ready is HARD for hospitality operators, but for housekeepers and for housekeeping companies is not easy either They face with challenges in quality assurance, labor shortage, communications, logistics, predictive data and financialsFortunately for the industry, cleaning and linen companies are now Doinn it better, growing with tech & data, improving their operational efficiency by 47% More than 250 cleaning and linen companies across 6 countries have become digital thanks to our operations center; a hub that gathers all their PMSs, clients, jobs, cleaners, planning and dispatching needs in a single platform.


With an app to communicate between the team and the clients, that brings visibility to the service performance and with the power of Artificial intelIigent translation tools to help diverse cleaners text in their own language, demolishing the language barrier.Hospitality operators can use our tech to manage their inhouse cleaners but we actually provide access to certified cleaning, laundry and linen rental providers in over 200 cities across 6 countries, allowing them to scale with confidence.Offering professional cleaning services to Mews hospitality operators brings:Retention & exclusivityStandardization of the guest experienceCertified cleaning, linen rental and laundry providers just a click awayMonetization for hosts as they can resell extra cleans to guests Fair pricesHighly trained and experienced staff. Fully Insured. Fully legal=>hosting with responsibility Scalability: allows to manage properties remotely Your Supported Features: 1. Fetch all your properties in MEWS 2. All bookings always in sync in Doinn's platform 3. Create and automate jobs workflows to coordinate operations simpler 4. Auto-pilot operations with relevant notifications and visual operational tools and insights 5. If/When needed outsource professional housekeeping, linen rental and other professional field services directly from your dashboard