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EasySecure is a cloud application used for access control, time registration, attendance and visitor management.


The easy-to-use platform is role-based and can be used over multiple locations. This makes it possible for the company headquarters to handle the access control or see the time & attendance over different locations around the world. The location manager can only see and operate their own location. The perfect access control and time registration situation is a combination of the right components. With the EasySecure software you can choose from a wide range of registration methods: mobile phone, card readers, keypads, wireless cylinders, wireless door handles, finger scans and facial recognition. EasySecure opts for integration and so delivers the perfect package. You select the best solutions specifically focussed on your type of organisation. As a result of the integration options, this produces a well coordinated solution. With the Mews integration EasySecure can automatically import the reservations into the software. Your guests will automatically be visible with the correct start- and end date. You can easily manage the access control from there. EasySecure seamlessly integrates with many different applications such as planning, payroll, cash registers and spa/fitness software. You have one total package to handle the registration of your guests and employees. Supported features: 1. Find your booking 2. Add breakfast or any other services 3. Complete your registration card 4. Choose a clean and vacant room 5. Receive your room key