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ICS is a web-based POS solution, specifically targetted to the hospitality market.


ICS is a 360 degrees solution covering all the main operational aspects of a restaurant or hotel: invoicing, business analysis (with an integrated Business Intellingence module), inventory control, handhelds to take orders, touchscreen kitchen APP, fidelity programs, and a large etcetera. Distinguishing from other POS solutions, ICS is built with a highly modular and flexible architecture. With dozens of plugins and integrations, it's easily extensible. ICS is a rock solid and very proven solution, currently running in more than 500 locations around the world (Spain, Italy, Argentina among others), from small restaurants to large resorts with millions of transactions each year. Supported features: 1. Make an order in the POS terminal (in a table or in a fastfood point of sell) 2. Select the "charge to room" payment option 3. A list with all the currently checked-in reservations will appear on screen (reservation number, room number, main guest name and surname, number of guests) 4. Select the guest's room 5. The POS will print a receipt for the guest to sign and it will automatically be charged to the reservation