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Our web-based systems are set up for international work: Wherever in the world your hotels, resorts, restaurants and spas are located, MY SPA and MY POS manage different time zones, currencies, hotel system interfaces and languages.

True multi-property.MY SPA is an easy-to-use system for organizing your beauty, wellness and sports offers. It enables every employee to book a valid reservation whenever your guest asks for it. MY SPA offers different booking channels: for the wellness desk, the reception and the guest himself, and stores additional requests and arrangements for the guest's stay, which will be scheduled later.

All stay data of the guests and fellow travellers are taken over by MEWS. Posting to a guest’s folio may be done manually any time the guest is checked-in, or automatically after the treatment has taken place. Day-Spa guests or direct payments may be settled via the integrated MY POS Cashpoint system (please ask for fiscalization prerequisites).MY SPA is accessed using your browser, without installing any software on your device. Simply open your browser and log in with your personal credentials. The functional range of the software is bound to the user authorization.

Interface Functionality: From the moment a reservation is booked or altered in MEWS, we will get the Information. Stay data, fellow travellers and their guest profiles are imported - with all personal data. The language of the guest determines the language of the customer documents if localization is provided. So all reservation changes are visible on the spot. Arrangement components and individual services are transferred to MY SPA for fulfillment. They are already booked as fixed services on the guest invoice and will not be billed additionally.

In the scheduler, MY SPA shows a variety of details about the guest's stay. From Check-in Status, arrival and departure day to conflicts with the reservation. Additionally booked treatments, item sales and gratuities by the SPA are charged to the guest profile’s folio or the main folio of the reservation. All postings are additionally sent to MEWS sales accounts.

Our web-based MY POS cash register offers an Express Cashpoint as well as an extensive restaurant cash point with comprehensive table management with just a few clicks. It is multilingual and can be set up individually for each user. MY POS comes with a kitchen monitor. Set up to your needs by creating a reflection of your hotel, resort or chain with properties, outlets, cashpoints, staff members, kitchen stations, meal periods and articles.

Fiscalization is available for Germany, Austria, and Italian fiscal printers. All transactions settled will be checked for check-in status and posted to either a MEWS folio or settled with external pay methods. In the latter case, the invoice, depending on the country, will be signed for fiscalization. MEWS will receive sales and pay methods for accounting information.

Your supported features:

Manage your SPA offers, book appointments or wellness bundles. Let your guests book via the MY SPA online booking page.