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Single or multi-property Revenue Management and Business Intelligence Tool.


Increase your profitability with RevMate, a simple and pragmatic tool that saves valuable time in managing your pricing.

Benefit from a 100% automatable RMS while maintaining control thanks to its customizable algorithm based on your own yield criteria and risk aversion. No more black boxes, it's all about transparency!

React in real-time to your environment with the impact of events, pick-up analysis, market demand, and competitors.

Save considerable time with its multi-property features, consolidating data and driving pricing strategy through a single interface. Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks and struggling spreadsheets, and welcome efficiency!

Don't wait any longer and boost your revenue today by choosing RevMate, your Yield companion.

RevMate, the tool built by hoteliers for hoteliers, combining automation and customization, sophistication and simplicity.


RevMate facilitates yield management and data visualization for one or multiple establishments in a streamlined and efficient manner, aimed at significantly boosting revenue.

Seamlessly integrated with numerous PMS and CMs, the software ensures that information from the PMS is delivered in real-time, enabling precise data analysis. (*)


The software encompasses several key modules:

  • Multi-hotel rate management
  • Pick-up analysis & event tracking
  • AI-driven dynamic pricing recommendations
  • Rate Shopper & market demand analysis
  • Business Intelligence tools
  • Forecasting capabilities
  • Pre-built report generation
  • Segmentation & Agency performance analysis
  • Task Manager & alert system
  • Self-Mapping tool
  • Extensive Excel export functionality

RevMate empowers users to maximize revenue by efficiently managing rates, analyzing market trends, and leveraging cutting-edge AI technology for dynamic pricing recommendations.

(*) It receives real-time reservations from the PMS and sends prices or other restrictions to the PMS or Channel Manager