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Revtool is not another Revenue Management System (RMS), it is our 360º Revenue & Profit Management System (RPMS).

We offer automation and integration of internal and external data, to turn them into key information for the Hotel Revenue Management strategy. Pickup, Booking Pace, Groups Quotation, Segmentation, Shopper, Disparities, Price Recommendations, automate forecasting in 4 scenarios, marketing one to one, budgeting templates and a lot more. There are three types of products: - Revtool Basic: All the functionalities from your reservations data, including the recommendation of raising or lowering your rates, without specifying price, only trends. - Revtool +: We add external data such as shopper, disparities monitor and hotel reputation vs compset, recommending prices by room type and board basis for the next 9 months. - Total Revtool: We incorporate analysis of other Hotel's Points of Sales, allowing us to calculate Total Revenue and Forecasting. In addition, if you contract Overgop, our Financial Management System, we will integrate the accounting data to show the P&L statement at the agency, room type and board basis level, as well as the P&L forecast and a Breakeven simulator. Thanks to our integration with Mews, we will do the setup for you in less than 3 work days.

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