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Born from travel from day one, Sojern is an easy-to-use marketing platform that gives travel marketers the tools to cost effectively drive demand, convert customers, and build guest satisfaction and loyalty.


The Mews and Sojern partnership provides an integrated digital solution that expands your online reach, connects customers, and most importantly, drives direct bookings.

Sojern X Mews - Benefits for Hoteliers

  • An always on, multi-channel marketing approach via Display, Social, SEM and Metasearch to reach customers across the entire customer journey​
  • A commissionable CPA model, risk-free with no upfront investment​
  • Easy technical Integration via Sojern's Cookieless Pixel implementation ​
  • Travel insights, Technology and Digital Marketing expertise


Elevate Your Hotel's Success with Unparalleled Expertise in Travel Marketing

Boost Growth & Profitability

Sojern drives hotel growth by using advanced data analytics and intelligent marketing. Our solutions maximize occupancy rates, boost ADR (Average Daily Rate), and increase your bottom line.

Find & Understand: Unrivaled Traveler Insight

Our in-depth analysis of traveler behavior provides unmatched insights into preferences and intentions. Tailor your offerings and messages to align with guest needs, creating a personalized experience.

Identify & Attract: Intelligent Audiences

Sojern doesn't just attract any audience; we bring you intelligent audiences primed for booking, ensuring your marketing efforts yield the highest returns.

Activate & Convert: Multichannel Activation & Optimization

Sojern's multichannel activation strategy ensures your hotel is visible everywhere travelers are searching online. Continuous optimization maximizes your ad spend.

Engage & Delight: Connected Guest Experience

The journey continues after booking. Sojern keeps the conversation alive with personalized during- and post-stay communications as well as re-engagement campaigns, fostering lasting relationships.

Delight your guests at every touchpoint and turn first-time visitors into loyal advocates.