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Welcome Pickups is the leading solution for automated transfer services.

Welcome Pickups is the ultimate **fully automated solution** for hotels looking to provide their guests with a seamless and personalized travel experience. With over thousands of hotels already using our tool, we are proud to be the leading provider of **private transfer services and travel experiences** for hotels worldwide.



### **About WelcomePickups**


Who hasn’t faced annoyed guests right at the check-in because their trip from the airport to the hotel just went south?



#### Automated booking process


Our fully automated booking system allows guests to easily book their private transfer directly from the hotel's **personalized booking page**, ensuring a smooth and stress-free journey from start to finish.



#### Complete dashboard for hotels


In addition, our dashboard allows hotels to monitor the ride in **real-time**, see **guest** and driver **details**, and keep **track** of their **earnings**. This allows hotels to have full visibility and control over the guest's transfer experience, making it easier to provide exceptional service.



#### 100% Free + Commission per booking

But that's not all - Welcome Pickups is **completely free to use** for hotels. In fact, hotels receive a commission for every trip booked through our solution. This means hotels can increase their revenue and RevPar streams while providing guests with the best possible travel experience.



#### Upselling opportunities

By collecting data from guests, we provide hotels with new **upselling opportunities** and valuable insights that allow them to create personalized experiences for their guests.



#### It’s a wrap


Welcome Pickups is active in 126 destinations, aiming to reach 400 destinations by 2024. We are scored at 4.9/5 on Trustpilot with over 11k reviews. Join the thousands of hotels that have partnered with us to create exceptional guest experiences.



#### **Get in touch with us:**


- partnerships@welcomepickups.com

- +34 678 64 3553



#### Happy clients:


_“Welcome Pickups, partner of MADEHO Hotels, is the European leader in private transfers allowing hotel guests to organize transport between train stations, airports and their hotel._


_A direct connectivity solution with the hotel PMS allows Mews travelers to receive the offer and manage an online reservation with ease._


_Goodbye queue and lost time on arrival and departure, the private driver will be there!”_


_MADEHO Hotels_



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