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PMI helps managers to consistently deliver high service quality and productivity in a workplace that constantly needs to swiftly onboard inexperienced employees to become dependable resource managers. Many thousands of users in more than 35 countries rely on our platform service to work smarter, daily. Hotel and restaurant operations have many moving parts, e.g., guests check in and out, maids clean rooms, deliveries come and go, and food is ordered and served. Some days are fast paced, while other days, things run slowly. No matter what each day brings, you want everything to run and flow together like clockwork. Leaders recognize that such drastic changes each day make it very difficult for managers to plan the right resources between departments. To ensure high service quality and productivity are delivered every day, they hire PMI to provide department heads with this insight. PMI knows that your hotel is a clockwork of interlocking departments. By measuring the movements of one cog, it can drive predictions about other cogs, in other departments. Empowered by machine learning algorithms, PMI takes data from one department, like daily occupancy, from the revenue management team, and uses it to drive resource predictions for other departments, like food purchasing and staffing predictions in the kitchen. In this way, PMI automatically churns out daily resource predictions for all the significant resources on a profit & loss, like personnel, food, towels & linen and even utilities for every department, every day. Moreover, PMI provides a rich productivity benchmark to help identify resource challenges and opportunities, helps to set departmental goals, and turns these into plans, so managers can follow them through, daily. With best practices adoption index, PMI provides managers with the motivation and training they need to excel in resource management. So, the general manager and her heads of department have everything they need to reduce waste, improve environmental footprint, increase profits, and delight every guest moving through every part of their hotel. Established in 2000, d2o is headquartered in Norway, with offices in Europe, the US, and Asia. We are a team consisting of hoteliers and technologists, with a shared, passionate aspiration to help every manager excel at resource management.