Hotel POS System

One fully integrated, purpose-built POS

Streamline your food and beverage operations with Mews POS, a mobile, all-in-one platform designed for hotel restaurants.

Hotel POS System

Keep up with an agile hotel POS

Mews POS is a mobile-optimized platform that adapts to the changing guest expectations and the complexity of food and beverage operations. 

Digital ordering

The easiest way to order and pay

No need to download an app, search for staff, hunt down physical menus or search through a lengthy list of items. Put guests in control and make ordering as easy as snapping a QR code – giving staff time to focus on guest service. 

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F&B inventory  

Manage your stock with confidence

The all-in-one solution for back-of-house connects inventory and ePOS so you can track, analyze, plan and order with confidence as you maximize efficiency and profitability. Upload recipes for ingredient-level updates. 


Get real-time insights at a glance 

From granular details to the big picture, up-to-the-second data and customizable dashboards allow you to track valuable performance metrics for the health of your F&B operations. Tag items and analyze menu performance, view performance of a single location or a multi-chain group, and make better, more informed decisions. 

real-time insights

Everything you need for efficient food and beverage operations



We've been in the cloud since day one. Cloud solutions are in our DNA.


Works with credit cards, debit cards, regional alternative payments and more.



Connects directly with your PMS and payments for a complete, frictionless experience. 



Staff and guests have what they need in the palms of their hands. 


Your business revolves around your guests. So does Mews.


Solutions that drive disengagement from tech and connection with guests.

Make it remarkable.

Ready to take the first step towards a more efficient, flexible, guest-centric approach to hospitality?


What is a hotel POS system?

POS stands for point-of-sale. A hotel POS handles the ordering and payments of the food and beverage operations as well as the sale of other retail goods or services. A point-of-sale system may include hardware and software and, in addition to payments, may also manage inventory, provide data and reporting and help facilitate communication between teams. Today’s cloud-based point-of-sale systems, like Mews POS, make it easy for guests to pay using a credit card (at a mobile terminal) or using a mobile wallet like Apple Pay.   

What’s the difference between a POS and PMS?

In the hospitality industry, PMS stands for property management system. PMS software is used to manage the core operations of a hotel. This includes guest reservations, inventory, check-in and check-out, housekeeping, channel management, billing and more.  

POS stands for point-of-sale and, in a hotel, is used to take payments for purchases such as retail and food and beverages. It also manages inventory and provides a variety of reports to help optimize revenue.  

When a POS is fully integrated with a hotel’s PMS, the experience for staff and guests becomes frictionless and more efficient, creating a seamless and more enjoyable guest experience. 

What hardware does Mews POS require?

The beauty of Mews POS is that no proprietary hardware is needed – only an internet-enabled Android smartphone or tablet. Here are the ones we recommend:  

  • Android OS 8.0 or higher 
  • Tablet screen size: 9.9"-10.5" 
  • Smartphone screen size: 5.8"-6.8" 
  • Recommended manufacturer: Samsung 

What are the most popular features of Mews POS?

Digital ordering — Guests can conveniently order and pay for their food and drinks from anywhere in the hotel via a QR code.  

Connected inventory — Back-of-house connects inventory to the POS so staff can efficiently track, analyze, plan and order ingredients, maximizing profits. It even tracks menu items down to the ingredient. 

Real-time reporting — Up-to-the-second data offers performance metrics and other insights to ensure your F&B operations are functioning at their peak potential.