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S&J has set itself the task of making room cleaning in hotels more customized and ecological in order to reduce the consumption of natural, financial and chemical resources.


It’s all about enhancing the individual guest experience and making the stay more attractive for the guests. All the pains with the red & green door cards belong to the past and the staff processes are simplified. Every guest who stays at least two nights receives an SMS from the hotel via the S&J platform with a link to a survey. This way, the guest can easily cancel or personalize the room cleaning from anywhere and at any time. Alternatively, the hotel can place a QR-code card in the room, which directs the guest to the same survey. If the guest does nothing, the room is cleaned as usual. The guest does not forego any comfort when using S&J, he can personalize the room cleaning according to his wishes and contribute to sustainability. Every day at the desired time, the hotel receives a report in PDF format by e-mail or through the integration with Mews. In the report, all rooms are listed with the services requested by the guest. No IT installation is necessary in the hotel, as all information is processed externally and can be viewed on the hotel's own dashboard at any time. If the guest uses S&J, the hotelier saves financial resources. At the end of the month, S&J charges a commission on the savings, without any fixed costs. Supported features: - Ease onboarding and maintenance for the hotel through automatic syncing of rooms; - Personalized guest experience through guest data from MEWS; - More accurate reports for the housekeeping team through reservation data from MEWS

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