Connector API

The Connector API is a general API for communication between Mews and external applications or systems. The API is typically consumed by other cloud services that work with data of properties in Mews (e.g. revenue management systems, cloud POS systems). It can also be used by applications that are running on site at the property and can mediate communication between Mews and local devices (e.g. POS systems, printers and other physical devices, kiosks etc).


Channel Manager API

For purposes of channel manager system integrations, the Channel Manager API should be used. It defines APIs both on the Mews side, and also on the channel manager side. The Mews side mainly accepts bookings from the channel manager, while the channel manager side accepts inventory updates from Mews and then distributes them to connected OTAs.



Mews Distributor is a booking engine which enables guests to create reservations while being offered live prices and availability. It can be used as a widget embedded into website of the property or, for some purposes, as a standalone version hosted by Mews. For custom implementations of a booking engine integrated with Mews, consult the Distributor API documentation.


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