Digital ordering 

Empower guests with online ordering 

Make ordering and paying more convenient for guests and staff. In just a few clicks on their phones, guests can order and pay for their food and drink from anywhere via a QR code. 

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Benefits of online ordering with Mews POS

No need for guests to download an app to order - and you can operate confidently with a streamlined staff. Digital ordering from Mews turns your entire property into an extension of your hotel food and beverage operations with a simple QR code.


No paper menus. No face to face. Guests order and pay with their mobile devices.

Saves staff time

Staff spend less time taking orders and payments, and more time helping guests.

Boosts revenue

Digital ordering lets guests order from anywhere on your property that you place a QR code.

Fully integrated

Online ordering is part of your Mews point-of-sale system. Orders go straight to the kitchen and menu updates happen in real time. One platform for seamless experiences.

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3 easy steps to order and pay

You print QR codes with online menus

Post the QR code anywhere you want – the lounge, the lobby, the pool or rooms.

Guests scan the code

Using their phone or tablet, guests scan the QR code and instantly access a digital menu with item details.

Order and pay

Just like shopping in an online store, guests add items to their cart, place their order and pay. And with multiple ways to pay, guests have the freedom to pay straight away, start a tab, click and collect or put it on their room bill.

Total flexibility


Solutions for all situations

Flexibility is the name of the game in hospitality. The digital ordering functionality in Mews POS readies you for a whole variety of requests.

Unusual billing needs

Staff can easily split, share, settle and even refund bills with ease.

Room service orders

Full PMS integration let you automatically charge F&B costs to a guest's final bill.

Requests for in-person ordering

Staff can still take orders the old-fashioned way or manually intervene on digital orders as needed.
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Make it remarkable.

Ready to take the first step towards a more efficient, flexible, guest-centric approach to hospitality?


What is POS online ordering with Mews POS?

Online ordering with Mews POS lets guests simply scan a QR code, pull up a digital menu, make a selection, order and pay. It also means you can turn any area of your hotel into a part of your restaurant and make it easier for guests to spend more money with you. From the lobby to the pool, the spa to guest rooms, wherever you can place a QR code, guests can place an order using their mobile device. 

How can digital ordering benefit my hotel restaurant?

For a hotel restaurant, having online ordering as part of your point of sale can give guests more control over ordering and paying, eliminate the need for them to go to a restaurant or find a staff member and wait for their order. It also means staff can spend less time taking orders and, instead, use the extra time they get back to improve the guest experience. And, when you make it so easy for guests to order from anywhere, they’re likely to stay on property and increase your share of guest wallet.

How do payments work with online ordering from Mews

With Mews POS, guests have several payment options that make their experience even better! They can pay immediately using digital ordering, open a tab to add items throughout their stay, or conveniently send a charge to their room and pay at check-out – or even before. At Mews, we believe in removing any barriers to a great experience.