Restaurant inventory management software

Inventory Management

In the complex world of restaurant inventory management, Mews POS makes it easy to track, measure, and coordinate your costs and profitability.

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A complete restaurant business solution

Mews POS powered by Bizzon features a robust restaurant inventory management system with key insights that go far beyond tracking your supplies.


Maximize your menu profitability
Manage costs by item, dish and total menu

Manage single location or multi-warehouse inventory
Track every delivery, sale, transfer or adjustment

Streamline purchasing
Our procurement software simplifies supplier and product inventory management

Sync your stock with every order

Sync your stock with every order

A dash of this, a drop of that. It all adds up. Load your recipes in the system and track your inventory down to the ingredient level.

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking

Nothing gets lost in the walk-in with real-time tracking of deliveries, transfers and adjustments in the inventory system.

Stay aware

Receive updates and low-inventory alerts

Know your true costs

Monitor your revenue margins across items and suppliers

Optimize ordering efficiency

Get a clear picture of what’s being used and what’s being wasted

Procurement for F&B Managers

Procurement for F&B Managers

Let's say you purchase a keg, track it in liters, and sell it as a pint, or you purchase butter from three different vendors. Our inventory system for hotel restaurants includes procurement tools that support all three inventory dimensions so the platform can work for you.

Ready for streamlined F&B operations?

Mews POS, combined with Mews PMS, gives you a total overview of your guests’ behavior so you can run your entire business seamlessly.

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