Hotel restaurant inventory software 

Take control of your restaurant costs 

In the complex world of restaurant inventory management, Mews POS makes it easy to track, measure and coordinate your costs and profitability. 

restaurant inventory software

Benefits of Mews POS hotel restaurant inventory software 

Mews takes the hassle – and time – out of manual inventory management with automated tracking, reporting and notifications to help you always know what you have, what you need and what’s being wasted. 

Suitable for multiple locations 

Track every delivery, sale, transfer or adjustment for single location or multi-warehouse inventory. 

Detailed stock levels 

A dash of this, a drop of that. It all adds up. Load your recipes in the system and track your inventory down to the ingredient level. 

Automatic inventory alerts 

Get notified when stock is running low so you’ll never run out of ingredients and miss out on revenue. 

restaurant inventory management software
Real-time tracking 

Improve inventory planning 

Get immediate updates and reporting so you always have an accurate inventory count. 


Stay aware 

Receive updates and low-inventory alerts. 

Know your true costs 

Monitor your revenue margins across items and suppliers. 

Optimize ordering efficiency 

Get a clear picture of what’s being used and what’s being wasted with reports that track your stock. 
Integration and automation 

Improve ordering efficiency 

In a fast-moving restaurant, there’s no time to waste. With inventory management that’s embedded in your point-of-sale system, you’ll always know – down the ingredient – what’s coming in and going out. 

hospitality inventory management software
procurement tools
Procurement tools 

Streamline your purchase process 

Our procurement software simplifies supplier and product inventory management. Let's say you purchase a keg, track it in liters and sell it as a pint. Or you purchase butter from three different vendors. Our inventory system for hotel restaurants includes procurement tools that support all three inventory dimensions so the platform can work for you. 

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What is restaurant inventory management? 

If you don’t know what you have, you can’t know what you need. Inventory management helps restaurants identify what they have, what they need, and, more importantly, know when it’s time to order more to manage waste and costs.  

What does inventory management software do? 

The old way of managing stock is to do it manually with spreadsheets and counting every item on the shelf on a recurring basis. Software not only makes managing inventory more efficient, but by making it a part of the point-of-sale system, recipes are uploaded and orders tracked to monitor the use of each ingredient for every order prepared.  

Why is tracking inventory important? 

At its most basic level, inventory management lets you know when you’re running out of items and need to re-order. But, more than that, automated inventory management can help reduce waste – which impacts revenue – and trigger notifications to raise awareness of low inventory levels so that you don’t run out unexpectedly. It also helps with purchasing by tracking how much of each item is used over what time frame so that you can order based on data and even help with vendor management.  

How can inventory management improve guest experience? 

As a restaurant guest, it can be a disappointing experience to find out that the menu item you wanted to order is unavailable because the kitchen ran out of a key ingredient. Carefully tracking your inventory through automated inventory software reduces the likelihood of running out and having to tell a guest that their favorite dish is unavailable.