POS Data and Reporting  

Data for hotel restaurants

Get the complete picture of your restaurant business. Data and reporting from Mews POS provide real-time updates so you’ll always know what’s working and where you can grow. 

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Benefits of data and reporting from Mews POS 


Detailed or broad 

Focused details or a high-level overview, our reporting delivers the information you need.    

One restaurant or many 

See the performance of one location or an overview of an entire group of restaurants. 

Customizable reports  

Different days, different restaurants – customize your reports to fit your F&B operations. 


Mews POS was built for hotel restaurants; we understand your business and how to help it succeed.  

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Customizable reports 

Data for more informed decisions 

Our clear, easy to understand and flexible reporting delivers valuable insights into your restaurant’s performance, from high-level restaurant sales and spend to focused, menu-item detail.  


Capture a holistic view 

See the whole picture in one, easy-to-view, informative screen and gather actionable insights that drive more informed decisions. 

Tag menu items 

Always know how well your menu and individual items are performing and optimize your offerings based on true data. 

Track offers and discounts 

See the impact of specials promotions, how often food is being comped or discounted, and who’s performing the action.  

Assign revenue centers 

Know exactly where the costs are coming from with the ability to assign revenue centers and run individual reports. 
Interactive dashboard  

Monitor restaurant KPIs 

A simple dashboard delivers an overview of business performance. Keep up with the success of your hotel restaurant and see where you need to make changes and where business is booming. From sales to orders, revenue coming in and spend going out, it’s easy to keep track of your profit margins and business goals with one interface. 

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