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How rooming lists make group bookings a piece of cake

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It’s late morning. Your front desk has finished the morning rush of check-outs when the phone rings. Your reservations manager answers. ‘Hello?’ ‘Hello, I’m calling to make a group booking for 50 people...’ 

As a hotel manager, your first reaction is one of happiness. After all, a group booking of 50 rooms is great news for business. But then you think of your poor reservations manager and your front desk team: they’ve told you what a pain it is to manually input dozens of guests’ details into the system, and you’ve seen how easy it is to make mistakes. 

In the modern world of hospitality, this shouldn’t be a problem you have to worry about. Well, now you don’t, thanks to our new rooming lists

It’s a straightforward process that will save loads of time for your team. Here’s how it works: 

Step 1: Export the smart template rooming list (as an Excel file) and send it over to the tour/group leader 

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Step 2: They update all the required fields – the smart template means that the formatting will always be correct 

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Step 3: You receive the updated file and import it to the relevant group reservation 

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That’s it. All guest profiles will be automatically updated, and your staff don’t need to waste all that time hunched over a computer screen slowly typing in the details of all 50 guests. This also means a faster check-in, because front desk doesn’t need to type in every passport detail as they’re already in the system. It’s not only your own team who benefit from rooming lists, it’s the entire group booking – not to mention other guests who may have been stuck in an even longer reception queue otherwise. 

Sound good to you? If you’d like to know more, check out our step-by-step guide for how to manage group reservations with rooming lists 

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Tom Brown | 15 July 2020

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