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Boundary London embraces the connected guest

The UK boutique hotel connects their restaurants and bars with Mews to make a seamless experiences for guests.

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“Guests should have the freedom to engage with a property in the way that suits them best – Mews solutions like online check-in help guests to tailor their journey, which ultimately makes them happier.”
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Guests can check-in their way



Guests increasingly expect more control over their hotel experience, particularly when it comes to check-in.



Boundary London have a largely Millennial demographic, which makes it even more important to provide digital options for the guest journey. Mews provides a seamless online check-in option whereby guests can fill in all of their payment and personal details before arrival, including signing a digital registration form if necessary. This means that once they arrive, they can get to their room much faster, also saving time for staff.



• 26% of guests now check-in online

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Automated, authenticated payments



Unauthenticated payments are more open to fraud and disputes, which can become time-consuming for staff and disrupt a hotel’s cashflow.



Mews Payments ensures every transaction is enacted with a high level of security, while 3D Secure authentication requires customers to securely and quickly verify their first transaction with Boundary London. Tokenization and end-to-end encryption mean that no sensitive data sits with Mews, further minimizing risk for staff mistakes.



• 95% of payments are automated through Mews Payments
• 0.04% of all transactions resulted in chargebacks in 2021 (in the travel industry, the average chargeback value is 0.5%)

“Guests today expect a seamless payment experience, and Mews automation allows us to provide one. It also makes processing transactions faster and more secure at the back end.”
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Integration spotlight

Boundary London currently use nine integrations, including accounting and custom reporting.

K-Series by Lightspeed (iKentoo)

iKentoo is a tablet-based point of sale and business management system that Boundary use to connect Mews with their restaurants and bars. This means that meals or orders can be added directly to the guest profile within Mews for centralized billing, streamlining processes for staff as well as guests.


STR provide a vast selection hospitality data, analytics and insights. It connects with Mews to retrieve property performance data including reservations, availability and revenue and uses this to provide reliable and actionable data to help with making operational decisions.

Looking ahead

The Boundary London team hope to continue evolving their guests’ digital journey, exploring technology that will make their stay even more seamless. They’ll also continue to build ties with the local community, which remains very important to the ethos of the brand.

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