Mercure Roeselare customer story

Mews PMS and POS power true hospitality for Mercure Roeselare

With the addition of Mews POS to their Mews ecosystem, the busy Belgian business hotel is able to automate even more processes, giving staff time to focus on face-to-face engagement with guests. 

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Mews PMS and POS power true hospitality for Mercure Roeslare

Six hours saved per day

through automation


Near total automation

with Mews POS, Mews PMS and integrations


Seamless billing

sending F&B charges to room digitally

About Mercure Roeselare

Mercure Roeselare, located in a busy business area of Roeselare, Belgium, is a part of Accor’s Mercure Hotels brand. With 87 rooms, 10 meeting spaces, a restaurant open 6 days a week, and even a fitness center open to the community, their weekdays see hundreds of people coming through their doors every day.

As a hotel committed to delivering a personal touch to every guest, General Manager Damien Janssens understands that value of powerful technology operating in the background.

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“In an industry where human contact is more important than digital contact, having a platform like Mews that not only reduces time at a screen but also gives us more face time with guests is great."

Damien Janssens
General Manager, Mercure Roeselare

Mews PMS and POS power true hospitality for Mercure Roeslare

Improved efficiency with Mews POS


During Covid, when all food orders had to be ordered from the room and they were operating with a streamlined staff, Mercure Roeslare found itself needing a way to operate more efficiently so they could keep up with the needs from guests.


The solution was increased automation and digitalization. With the simplicity of using Mews PMS and, more recently, the addition of Mews POS, the staff has been able to save hours of time every day. And that's more time that they can focus on guests. In addition, the ability to send restaurant charges to a guest's room bill - and therefore the guest profile - digitally and seamlessly, has meant additional hours and frustration saved.


• Staff save huge amounts of time by not having to file and manage paper tickets.
• They can also easily search and find tickets when questions arise rather than searching through stacks of paper.

Mews PMS and POS power true hospitality for Mercure Roeslare

"With Mews POS, Mews PMS and a wide variety of integrations through Mews Marketplace, we have almost everything automated which is a great thing to see."

Damien Janssens
General Manager, Mercure Roeselare

Mews PMS and POS power true hospitality for Mercure Roeslare

21st century streamlined ecosystem


Legacy PMS solutions are often difficult to learn and navigate, with complicated screens and processes that take up much of hotel staff’s time. On top of that, applications from different vendors can add strain and risk.


As a cloud-native platform, Mews offers endless opportunities for integrations to meet the property's unique needs. Additionally, the automations and clean, interactive dashboards that sit at the heart of Mews Operations make it easier for staff deliver remarkable hospitality to guests while machines take care of repetitive tasks.


• Around six hours saved per day thanks to automation across Mews
• Faster onboarding times for new staff

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A seamless and secure payment ecosystem


Payments can be a time-consuming and impersonal part of the guest journey, while hotels require every transaction to be secure and reliable.


Mews Payments provides a connected ecosystem that makes payments a frictionless part of the guest journey. Once a guest has provided (and, if necessary, authorized) their card details, hotel staff can securely action any future payments with a single click. Mercure Roeselare also use a Mews Terminal as a fully integrated wireless card reader.


• 100% payment automation for card transactions
• Zero chargebacks since moving to Mews

Integration spotlight

Mercure Roeselare is connected to 15 integrations through Mews Marketplace, from accounting solutions to email marketing.

Google Hotel Search

The Google Hotel Search integration allows Mercure Roeselare to specify and display rates and rooms alongside OTA listings in Google Search. This helps drive more direct bookings by directing customers to their own booking engine in one click, from where they can book easily and with a competitive rate.

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Event Temple

Event Temple is an events management solution that makes group bookings simple. The live two-way integration with Mews allows the team to manage accounts, orders, reservations and blocks from either system, as the data will always be synchronized. This means there’s no need for duplicate data entry.

View Event Temple


IDeaS gets all its data from Mews, which helps Mercure Roeselare with revenue forcasting, saving them significant time in day-to-day analysis.

View IDeaS

Mews PMS and POS power true hospitality for Mercure Roeslare Website body image 3 1352 x1076-50

“The big advantage of this is that Mews POS is part of Mews. Mews is ahead of its time in business. I trust Mews and know this is going to continue to grow and be even bigger.

Damien Janssens
General Manager, Mercure Roeselare

Looking ahead

General manger Damien Janssens and his team at Mercure Roeselare team have exciting plans for the future. In addition to looking for more opportunities to automate and personalize the guest journey while increasing productivity, they plan to open a second hotel in 2024 - and, of course, they plan to use Mews there too. 

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