Paradise Resort Gold Coast customer story

Paradise Resort Gold Coast gets golden results with Mews

The Australian resort hotel has boosted guest spend and streamlined operations. 

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minutes saved on check-in time


average upsell per reservation


chargeback rate

of bookings are direct


using Mews Payments

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“Mews was the standout solution that would help modernize our operations and keep moving and growing with us.”

Swift, in-person deployment



Paradise Resort Gold Coast is a complex operation, and the team preferred an onsite onboarding so they could make the change quickly.



Mews provided an in-person deployment with Implementation and Customer Success Managers. The Mews team was onsite for two and a half days, which included progress meetings, technical assistance and staff training. Prior to onboarding, the hotel had access to a demo environment to familiarize themselves with the system.



• Three weeks between welcome call and go-live

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“For our onsite onboarding, the Mews team was super patient, very good at troubleshooting, and helped us throughout the process and beyond.”

Boosting revenue through upsells



In order to boost RevPAG, a suite of sophisticated and high-converting guest journey solutions is required.



Mews Guest Journey increases guest spend by making upsells simple and easy at multiple points. Guests can book a range of extras through Mews Booking Engine as well as during online check-in.



• A$139 average upsell per reservation in Mews Booking Engine
• A$44 average upsell value during online check-in
• 65% higher average reservation value for booking engine bookings (compared to OTAs)
• >50% of bookings are direct

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“We’ve updated a lot of our procedures since moving to Mews; it was a really good prompt to assess operations from the ground up and make sure we're doing things because they're efficient, not just out of habit.”

Speedy check-ins, zero queues



Peak check-in and check-out times caused long lines at the front desk and frustrating waits for guests.



Through a combination of pre-payments, automation and online check-in, guests can now check in much faster than before. This also reduces stress on staff, who are able to provide better hospitality to guests.



• 6+ minutes saved on check-in time
• 50% of guests check in online
• 32% of guests check out online
• Guests are twice as likely to check in online when they booked direct (compared to OTA)

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“We used to have the 2 p.m. queue out the door, but now we don’t have queues anymore. It’s amazing. Guests have paid in full in advance, so everything’s smooth and check-ins take about 30 seconds.”

Time-saving automatic payments



The reservations team spent a large amount of time manually processing, tracking and chasing every payment and booking.



With Mews, the payment process is automated. Paradise Resort guests choose when and how they’d like to pay, with every transaction processed securely. Within the Mews platform, an automatic reminder pops up if a guest is overdue their payment, which gives the team time to follow up with the guest and potentially save the booking.



100% automation for card payments
• >80% of guests pay prior to arrival
• Hours of staff time saved every day

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“The change in our reservations office was massive since moving to Mews. The team is less caught up doing manual procedures like sending confirmations and taking payments. They can now check bookings before they arrive, talk to guests and make sure they've done everything they need to do before they get here.”

Integration spotlight

Paradise Resort Gold Coast has 12 live integrations. 


SiteMinder is a channel manager that automates room distribution. It forms a real-time connection between Mews and over 400 booking channels, improving reach while reducing overbookings


Cendyn manages and monitors advertising on meta-search platforms via a single dashboard. Paradise Resort can easily manage and control their ad campaigns with live rates and availability pulled from Mews.
“Mews really helped improve the guest journey from start to finish. On top of the in-built automatic confirmations, we integrated an email marketing and text messaging software so the communication with our customers is great.”

Make it remarkable.

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