Revisn customer story

Revisn combines smart tech with blended apartment stays

The US brand provide blended hospitality apartment rentals with a focus on tech-enabled guest journey for long-stays.


to onboard

Six days

from welcome call to go live

rise in occupancy


from first three months to most recent three months (2019 to 2022)



built to Mews Open API

“It was so important for us to choose a hospitality cloud that shared our vision of a tech-enabled guest journey, and Mews were the stand-out solution.”

Unparalleled internet security for guests



Revisn values guest security very highly and require strict internet security protocols when connecting to Wi-Fi.



When guests connect to the Wi-Fi network, they need to enter their room number and last name to confirm their identify. This information is instantly compared against the guest data stored within Mews, ensuring that only guests can enter the Revisn network. This is verified using a connection to the custom-built RGNet integration via Mews Marketplace.



• Each room works as separate VLAN networks to ensure that the guest only has access to their own devices
• Total guest privacy while connected to the internet, with all information wiped once they depart


Convenience through technology



The modern guest doesn’t want to spend time at front desk filling in forms or searching for a number to call reception from their room.



Using Mews as the core platform to connect various technologies, Revisn has created a modern, digital experience. A bespoke mobile app connects to Mews via Mews Open API and allows guests to check-in online and use their phones as digital room keys. Every room is connected with an Alexa dot that guests can use to ask questions and message staff directly.



• Traditional check-in can take up to five minutes, but Revisn guests are able to go directly to their rooms
• Staff have more time to handle guest queries and focus on providing exceptional service when required

“Mews is the central hub that connects all of our tech solutions, from the ones we built ourselves to plug-and-play integrations. This connectivity is invaluable in providing our guests with a modern stay.”

Integration spotlight

Revisn connects to ready-made integrations via Mews Marketplace as well as having built their own integrations to Mews Open API.

Custom mobile app

Mews Open API allows Revisn to seamlessly integrate its proprietary mobile app into the guest journey. This digital key solution means guests don’t need to wait in line for a physical key upon arrival, but can head straight to their room and use their phone to unlock their door.

Looking ahead

Revisn is looking to grow on their incredibly strong performance in recent years, even throughout the pandemic. There are plans in place to open three new properties, each of which will also be run using the Mews platform.


Make it remarkable.

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