ROOST Apartment Hotel customer story

ROOST Apartment Hotel spreads its wings and exceeds all key targets

The rapidly growing American network of boutique aparthotels relies on Mews to deliver tech-enabled guest journeys of the highest level.

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RevPAR increase


(Jan-Apr of 2023 vs 2022)

Seven onboardings completed in


of ROOST East Market guests check in online


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“After a thorough review of PMS software, we found that Mews most adequately addressed the complex needs of long-stay hotels. The creative and flexible solutions were unlike anything else we had seen and perfectly aligned with our ambitious goals.”

Supporting the complex operations of a long-stay hotel



Guests stay in ROOST Apartment Hotel anywhere from a few weeks to a few months – some even for over a year. To provide a smooth guest journey, serviced apartment brands need a modern tech ecosystem where everything connects seamlessly and securely, both for guests and staff.



Using Mews, the ROOST team can easily adjust prices, handle frequent stay extensions and see real-time updates. The two-way interface automatically registers any changes, so the team can quickly resell and upsell inventory to generate more revenue. Communication has also been centralized. Guests no longer have to call or send e-mails to complete and update their reservations, submit requests, or leave comments – it’s all done online.



• 79% RevPAR increase (Jan-Apr of 2023 vs 2022)

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utomated, demand-driven housekeeping



In the world of long-stay apartments, each room can become a microcosm within its hotel. This is particularly true with housekeeping, where flexible room cleaning schedules are necessary to meet the demands of each long-stay guest.



ROOST Apartment Hotel used to provide weekly housekeeping services, but they quickly realized that each guest has different room cleaning preferences. Mews Housekeeping to the rescue, with fully automated cleaning tasks and personalized housekeeping schedules for every guest. The ROOST team appreciates having real-time access to room updates and guest requests, which helped them to increase efficiency and exceed guest expectations.



• Customizable housekeeping schedules for every guest
• Boosted efficiency through task automation

Reducing wait times with online check-in



ROOST Apartment Hotel aims to deliver a sophisticated guest experience, and making guests wait in queues to deal with check-in admin is just not that sophisticated.



Using Mews Online Check-in, guests can sign digital registration forms on their phones or laptops. Before they arrive, guests receive an email that helps them complete an online check-in journey. For the ROOST team, this translates into more time for building genuine connections with guests instead of staring at a computer screen. Now that's sophisticated.



• 30% of ROOST East Market guests check in online

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Agile onboarding and responsive support



ROOST Apartment Hotel is seizing every opportunity to introduce new locations, so the onboarding of its core tech stack must be fast and agile to support the rapid expansion.



The ROOST team quickly mastered Mews’ intuitive interface with the help of a dedicated onboarding manager. With less room for error, they now manage workloads with increased confidence. Whenever the team sees a chance for improvement, they reach out to Mews Community, a place for users to submit ideas and share knowledge about making the most of Mews Hospitality Cloud.



• Seven implementations completed in 2022

“In Mews, we recognized a nimble player capable of supporting alternative accommodation providers. The product continually evolves and improves around the needs of customers. That’s how you build trust and loyalty.”

Integration spotlight


STR retrieves property performance data regarding reservations, spaces, availability and revenue. It assists ROOST Apartment Hotel in making strategic and operational decisions by providing confidential, accurate and actionable data.


Revinate is a wide-ranging marketing and CRM solution designed to improve the guest experience through their journey, while also helping ROOST Apartment Hotel maximize revenue. The tool comes with several powerful features, including email marketing segmentation and automation, upselling, and intelligent reporting.

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