Strawberry customer story

Strawberry transforms its operations with Mews

The largest hotel group in the Nordic region partners with Mews to streamline and centalize operations, optimize revenue and drive their vision of remarkable guest experiences.

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Intuitive and scalable platform


Changing to a new property management system has a reputation for being a time-consuming and stressful process. With 225+ hotels, Strawberry needed a vendor that could move quickly and grow with them.


Mews provides a structured deployment process that, since the original deployment, has allowed Strawberry to get additional properties set up quickly – even as little as two weeks from set up to go live.

Mews also makes it easy to add new rooms, change room types and adjust rates to meet demand.

  • Staff trained in just a few days
  • In 1 day, 4 major hotels, each with between 400-600 rooms, went live – while fully booked.
  • Following renovation, one property added 30 rooms to its PMS in minutes.
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“We used to do all training on site, and it could take up to four days and now they do most of the training digitally. So, when we do come on site, we can focus on setting up the system and connecting everything.”


Future-proof technology


Strawberry understands that no two guests are the same, and therefore no two hotels are the same. Still, as a growing business, it needed to be able to standardize operations, including rates and user access, and share guest information across properties.


With one of the largest marketplace hospitality integrations (more than 1,000 applications) and fast open APIs, Mews allows Strawberry to build a custom ecosystem – and adapt it as needed for each property or chain.

Mews Multi-Property also lets Strawberry share guest history between hotels, enabling personalized experiences regardless of which property the guest is visiting. Plus, centralized rate and user management saves time and improves consistency.

  • Up to 21 3rd-party integrations at some hotels lets Strawberry customize its tech stack as needed
  • They can push updated rates to all hotels in one click
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“Dynamic pricing and ever-changing prices are now the new constant. With Mews, we have the possibility to change the price in one click without new limits.”

Time-saving automation


As guests and staff become more technologically savvy, Strawberry wanted a platform that was digital and automated, one that allowed guests to self-serve but it also needed to empower staff to deliver remarkable hospitality and personalized experiences.


With Mews, and especially Mews Kiosk, guests can check in themselves, giving staff more time to have more personal conversations and make human connections with the guests who want that type of service. At the same time, Kari Anna Fiskvik, CTO, says Mews runs in the background efficiently and consistently, which allows staff to deliver a seamless experience for guests without the technology being intrusive. “You don’t really notice the technology is there, because it just works.”

  • Staff save hours every week and can focus on guests
  • 48% kiosk check
  • 4 minutes, average check-in at kiosk
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“Since we have three kiosks, we like to say that our workload is three times less than it would be because the kiosks take away some of the check-in tasks and allow staff to focus more on the guests.”


Looking ahead

Strawberry continues to roll out their portfolio of properties, with a focus now on their larger hotels - including their 600-room property. 

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Make it remarkable.

Ready to take the first step towards a more efficient, flexible, guest-centric approach to hospitality?