The Gate Cornwall customer story

The Gate Cornwall gets big wins by doing digital

The UK hotel improves the guest and staff experience from booking to check-in to stay to check-out.

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“The whole customer journey has changed thanks to Mews. Guest satisfaction has increased and our team are very confident when booking guests in. Mews will make your life a nicer place to be.”
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More direct booking website conversions



The Gate wanted to reduce their reliance on OTAs like and drive more direct bookings.



Mews Booking Engine gives guests a clean, intuitive booking journey. The UI has been customized to fit The Gate’s branding with colors and imagery, and the hotel can easily upsell items within the booking journey, including adding pets and bottle of apple juice from the property’s orchard.



• 4.7% booking engine conversion rate (industry average is 3.3%)
• Less commission paid to OTAs

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“When it comes to the booking engine, the attention to detail has been incredible, both from the guest-facing side and internal side. It’s slick, modern and forward thinking, and we’ve seen a significantly higher number of direct bookings through our own site.”
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Online check-in that benefits everyone



The Gate wanted to give guests more choice when checking in, as particularly with self-catering accommodation guests can arrive late and prefer to let themselves in.



Mews Online Check-in is part of Mews Guest Journey and it allows guests to handle the administrative part of arrival in their own time from their phone or laptop. Online check-out means that guests can speed up their departure by completing an email link from the night before.



• 43% of guests use online check-in (58% in 2022)
• 22% of guests use online check-out
• 56% higher RevPAR for guests who use online check-in

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Mews POS opens up new revenue streams



The Gate team wanted a modern, reliable POS solution that would open up new revenue streams beyond the hotel bar and restaurant.



Mews POS fully integrates into Mews Operations. Now, The Gate can utilize true digital ordering to encourage guests to increase their overall spend while also providing maximum convenience when it comes to ordering and payments.



• Time savings for staff and an easier ordering experience for guests
• Planning to use QR code ordering for wood-fired pizzas to surrounding campsites

“We chose Mews POS because we wanted to have everything in-house with Mews in one integrated system. It’s going very well, in terms of ease, productivity and reliability.”
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Integration spotlight

The Gate Cornwall use Mews Marketplace to connect directly to leading hotel tech integrations.

SiteMinder (EMEA)

SiteMinder is one of the leading channel managers for hotels. The integration with Mews provides a real-time connection with over 400 booking channels, meaning that price, restrictions, availability and inventory are all automatically updated, reducing overbookings and manual work for the team.

Looking ahead

The Gate Cornwall is a relatively young business, first opening its doors to guests in 2019. As such, the team is keen to continue exploring what’s possible with automation and integrations, as well as driving higher occupancy while maintaining their high guest happiness levels.

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Make it remarkable.

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