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On the road to innovation: The Local's success with Mews

With the help of best-in-class hospitality solutions like Mews, this innovative US property is reimagining the motel experience afresh for 21st-century guests.

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Average value added:


per reservation

Rise in occupancy


(Jan-Apr 2023 vs 2024)

Online check-out rate


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“I've been in the hotel industry for 20+ years and used numerous PMS systems. None have quite matched the efficiency and ease of use of Mews. From day one, it has revolutionized how I handle my property, streamlining tasks and enhancing overall productivity.”

Functionality beyond compare, without added fees



Manual and time-consuming tasks that often lead to inefficiencies and errors should be fully automated. Additionally, integrations often involve high upfront costs, ongoing maintenance fees, and technical complexities. This makes it difficult for smaller and independent properties such as The Local to implement modern technology solutions. 



The team recognizes the enormous value of an open API and a robust marketplace of over 1,000 best-in-class integrations. This accessibility fosters innovation, enabling The Local to leverage a full suite of tailored tech solutions that meet their specific needs and preferences. By embracing an intuitive and user-friendly Mews Booking Engine, the team has seen their direct bookings – and profits – increase. It's powerful yet easy to use. With modern and automated methods of maximizing the property's potential, The Local has more time to focus on delivering remarkable hospitality. 



Zero connection fees for custom APIs

• $80 average added value per reservation

• 13% online check-out rate 

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“One of the standout features of Mews is its unparalleled functionality. It seamlessly integrates with thousands of third parties, making it a customizable system. The user-friendly interface makes navigating complex tasks a breeze, saving me valuable time and effort.”

Effortless payment setup



The key to optimizing profitability and attracting more guests? Flexible pricing rules. The Local aimed to implement dynamic pricing strategies based on demand, occupancy rates and competitor pricing. 



Efficient payment handling is paramount in property management, and with Mews, The Local has streamlined this process to perfection. Through a direct integration with RoomPriceGenie via Mews Marketplace, they can automatically and dynamically adjust rates based on various attributes and available inventory. Setting rules allows the system to effortlessly adapt to changes, eliminating the need for manual updates. Mews Payments ensures that property and guest data are securely stored and processed, with automated processes reducing the risk of fraud, theft or manual errors. 



Automated payments based on rate plans

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“I’ve done my research, and not many platforms have an automated payment process based on rate plans, saving the team lots of time.”

Exceptional customer support



When issues such as booking errors arise, prompt resolution is crucial. Delays in response times and difficulty accessing knowledgeable support staff can lead to disruptions in hotel operations and impact guest satisfaction. 



The Local team relies on Mews Digital Assistant, an AI-powered chatbot, for support with troubleshooting, general information, how-to instructions and more. The chatbot instantly provides helpful answers and links to articles for additional context, empowering The Local to overcome operational obstacles independently. When direct assistance is required, they promptly receive personalized support from their customer success manager. 



Instantly solving operational obstacles

• Proactive customer support 

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“Over the years, you can tell Mews has spent much time and resources amping up their support team. Mews has genuinely transformed the way I operate. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in the industry.”

Integration spotlight


RoomPriceGenie is a revenue management solution designed for small and medium-sized hotels. The direct integration with Mews automatically updates prices and inventory while ensuring maximum profit for every room. Through the combination of Mews and RoomPriceGenie, The Local has seen a steady ADR increase.


SiteMinder is the world’s leading hotel commerce platform, providing a real-time connection between Mews and over 450 booking channels. The Local team can rest assured that these channels display the correct price, restrictions and availability, reducing any errors or overbooking. 

Make it remarkable.

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