The Local House customer story

The Local House diversifies revenue through Mews, earning more with their parking spaces

After embracing digital transformation with Mews, this 18-room boutique hotel in Miami Beach saw more revenue and a smoother guest experience.

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RevPAR increase


(June-August 2023 vs. 2022)

Average added value


through reservations made in booking engine

2 minutes

to check out using Mews Kiosk

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“We have seen some great improvements with Mews. From ADR increase to major revenue boost through upsells, using smart technology really revolutionized the way we operate.”

Super-efficient check-out process thanks to Mews Kiosk



During busy times, self-service check-in and check-out are crucial for ensuring a smooth guest experience.



Mews Kiosks are digital touch panels that serve as an alternative to conventional front desk service. The Local House guests appreciate the flexibility and freedom of self-service check-in and check-out. When they type in their name or confirmation number, all the details are automatically updated in their Mews guest profile. They can even scan an identity document if necessary. This super-efficient, user-friendly alternative saves time for guests and staff while eliminating unnecessary printing waste and clutter. Moreover, Mews Kiosk can help boost revenue by personalizing the guest experience. 



  • 50% of guests check out onsite with Mews Kiosk
  • Check-out time: two minutes 
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Half of our guests check out using Mews Kiosk – it only takes two minutes. While our guests love the flexibility of self-service, we appreciate the time savings that allow our staff to focus on providing genuine hospitality.

Maximizing revenue through direct bookings and upsells



The Local House wanted to convert people who booked a stay at their place into more engaged, higher-spending guests.



Through Mews Booking Engine, guests can make direct bookings on The Local House's website. A price comparison widget compares prices to leading OTAs, encouraging guests to book directly and lock in the best deal. Online check-in puts guests in control of their arrival while freeing up more of the staff's time for guests who prefer a traditional face-to-face experience. Guests can also immediately upgrade their stay by adding extras, which boosts average spending. One of the most popular upsells is parking – a highly profitable way to diversify revenue.



  • $55 average added value through upsells  
  • 19% online check-in rate 
  • 10% online check-out rate 
  • 17% upsell conversion rate
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Saving time while boosting KPIs



To further boost their operational success, The Local House searched for an agile and scalable tech stack that could support their ambitions.



Mews ensures a frictionless guest and staff experience by automating and minimizing tedious manual tasks. From a single screen that can be accessed anywhere and anytime, the Local House team can see live updates of reservations, daily tasks and housekeeping, making it easy to plan and organize the workload. With quick links to reports and guest profiles, Mews' intuitive interface is a huge time saver, resulting in major improvements across the hotel's KPIs.



  • 37% ADR increase (June-August 2023 vs. 2022) 
  • 23% RevPAR increase (June-August 2023 vs. 2022) 
  • $68 average added value through reservations made in booking engine 
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Integration spotlight

The Local House uses Mews Marketplace to connect directly to top-tier hotel tech integrations.


Atomize provides The Local House with automated real-time revenue management. The integration with Mews ensures that any changes are automatically reflected in the platform, while data analysis and multi-property reporting make it easy for the team to track performance.


Duve allows The Local House to easily provide personalized experiences tailored to guest needs. The unified guest management platform covers the entire digital guest journey through a branded guest app, a multi-channel communication hub, and an eCommerce/upselling platform.

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