Embracing a contact-free experience

Download your contact-free hotel guide to keep operations seamless and your guests and staff safe. Follow our practical checklist for every step of the guest journey.

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What's in this guide?

Discover the new normal.

Step by step checklist

Take your property through a contact-free checklist for each step of the guest journey: pre-arrival, arrival, stay, and departure. 

Non-Mews properties

Practical advice on changes you can make to improve operations and communication, while improving the guest experience. 

Mews properties

If your property is already powered by Mews, get specific guidance on how to make the most of Mews’ contact-free features and products.

What you will learn



Eliminate needless manual tasks to make your property safer to visit. 



Be clear and transparent with guests at every stage of the journey. 



Amend existing services and consider new ones to optimize every booking.

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