Summer Product Roadmap

See what we have on deck for our product priorities this summer. From front of house to accounting, from RevPAR to productivity and regulations, we’ve identified 40+ ways to help Mews hotels maximize their potential.
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What’s inside?

Revenue-boosting enhancements

Between ways to increase RevPAR and updates to grow Net Revenue Per Guest, we’re working on a number of ways to maximize the revenue of your property and your products.

Time-saving solutions

Improved productivity translates to more time spent focusing on guests. Find out what we’re doing to help staff across your hotel operate more efficiently.

Updates on the foundation

See what we’re doing to make sure Mews continues to scale and provide technology you can count on while also making sure you’re staying compliant in your region.

Driving the Mews Product Roadmap



Hospitality changes fast. We adapt quickly to help Mews customers respond and succeed. 



From a scalable foundation to performance you can rely on, we’re committed to delivering dependable hospitality tech.   



We’re always looking for ways to empower hoteliers to evolve, grow, and provide guest remarkable experiences. 

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