The Evolution of Hospitality

The first webinar in the Mews Future of Hospitality series focuses on The Evolution of Hospitality – what are the changes and innovations from the last year and are they here to stay? Listen in to our expert panel for insights into the big shifts in tech and travel for 2021, and what we can learn from the last 12 months to ensure we evolve as an industry.

Webinar highlights


Industry experts walk us through strategies that can inspire change for you and your team.


We consider the impact that hospitality’s latest evolution will have on the industry going forward.


Live Q&A with a range of hoteliers and tech companies (large and small) to answer questions from across the community.

The speakers

Steven Haag

Managing Director, Saco - Edyn


Matt Welle

CEO, Mews


Joe Pettigrew

SVP, Commercial Strategy, Yotel


Charlie Osmond

Chief Tease, Triptease

Charlie MacGregor

Charlie MacGregor

CEO & Founder, The Student Hotel


Klaus Kohlmayr

Chief Evangelist & Head of Strategy, Ideas


Daniel del Olmo

President & Chief Operating Officer, Sage Hotel Management


Leah Anathan

Chief Marketing Officer, Mews

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