Part II

[Webinar] Planning for the upturn

Part two of our Hospitality and the Coronavirus series. We speak to more hoteliers, hospitality consultants and hotel tech innovators to find out what you can do plan for the inevitable upturn.

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25 May 2020

A virtual event for the US hospitality industry featuring consultants, hoteliers and hotel tech experts to ask one question: what can we do?


Klaus Kohlmayr profile picture

Klaus Kohlmayr

Chief Evangelist, Ideas

Richard Valtr profile picture

Richard Valtr

Founder, Mews

James Lemon profile picture

James Lemon

Founder, Growth Works

Cara Frederici profile picture

Cara Frederici

CEO + Founder, The Madison Melle Agency

Calvin Anderson profile picture

Calvin Anderson

Chief Commercial Officer, Domio

Charlie Osmond profile picture

Charlie Osmond

Chief Tease, Triptease

Angelika Sharma profile picture

Angelika Sharma

Senior Solutions Consultant, OTA insight

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