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A fully automated, integrated card reader

Simplify and connect your payment process by integrating our card machine with Mews Merchant.

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Instant payments with a portable terminal

Create a fully integrated payment process that's seamless for your staff and your guests. Get up and running immediately with a card reader that works with Mews Merchant payments and Mews Operator kiosks.

  • Simple plug and play installation
  • Process card and digital wallet payments with a single click
  • Instant overview of transactions on the terminal
  • Non-stop service and real-time remote updates
  • Minimize human error and duplicate billing

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The V400c kiosk is a payment terminal compatible for integration with Mews Operator kiosks.


The V400m countertop is a wireless terminal with a charging base that provides simplicity and flexibility.





Fully PCI Compliant

T + 3 payouts

Real-time remote updates

Customizable logo

Physical receipts

Multi-language support

Charging base




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Frequently asked questions

  • Where are Mews Terminals available?

    We currently support terminals in the following countries:

    Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

  • Which payment methods are supported with Mews Terminals?

    Mews Terminals accept major credit cards, debit cards and digital wallets (Samsung, Apple, Android). If there's another card type you would like to accept, this can be discussed with our sales team. We're constantly researching and increasing our acceptance of all major card types.

  • Can I integrate my existing terminal with Mews?

    Only terminals purchased from the Mews website can be fully integrated and optimized for use within the Mews ecosystem, meaning that payments and transactions are automatically available within the Mews Merchant and Commander.

    Your existing terminals will still be able to process transactions with Mews as usual, but they cannot directly connect and fully integrate in the same way.

  • What's included in the price?

    The monthly fee you pay for a Mews Terminal covers:

    • Shipping
    • 24 Hour support
    • Integration to Mews
    • Hardware warranty & replacement service

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Simplify and connect your payment process by integrating our card machine with Mews Merchant.