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Mews Systems unveils a unique mobile solution for hotels, apartments, B&Bs and hostels, presenting a radical rethink of the way these properties can be managed and integrated with the web. The Mews Commander (Property Management System) is a complete mobile-first solution, and has been optimised so as to work on any smartphone/tablet with an Internet browser.

What does this new mobility mean for hoteliers in their day-to-day life?

Owners can access their hotel/hotels from anywhere, at any time and on any device. They can review performance, check the booking pace and seamlessly switch between hotels with one click.

General Managers have an instant overview of what is happening at the hotel. Their dashboard provides comprehensive information regarding the number of checked-in/out rooms, performance of housekeeping, a 7-day occupancy forecast, the hotel’s TripAdvisor ranking and a myriad of reports designed to bring greater clarity, leading to better decision-making.

Management can get an instant status report detailing arrivals, departures, overview of VIP customers, sales performance and other key indicators. They can upgrade bookings, make new bookings on the go or even close out the hotel for sales, all directly from their smartphone.

Receptionists are no longer tied to a desk. They can be mobile and roam throughout the lobby welcoming customers directly, checking them in while they enjoy a coffee at the bar, or noting their requests as they accompany them to their rooms. The Mews Commander allows for payments directly in the system, and it does not require any external payment device. Bills can be e-mailed directly to customers.

Housekeepers can free up availability from their devices as soon as the rooms are cleaned, inspected and ready for use. This improves communication with the Front Office and ensures a faster rooming process. They can also instantly charge minibars directly from their devices, preventing late charges.
Maintenance can keep track of all their to-dos with their simple task manager, which is incorporated in the system. They have a constant overview of all outstanding issues and can communicate directly with the Front Office team once an issue is resolved.


A Mews hotel is an optimised hotel

A further benefit of going mobile is in removing expensive on-site servers, and the subsequent procurement of continuous care and upgrade packages. Instead, we host our product on secure Microsoft Azure servers, ensuring optimum usage and dynamic resource scaling when more storage is needed.

Costs decrease by eliminating the need for highly ventilated server spaces on-site, or dedicated maintenance care. Not to mention the money saved by emailing bills directly to customers instead of printing.

Integrations should make life easier for customers and staff

A PMS solution is successful when it makes the lives of team members easier and offers direct integrations to other relevant technologies. We build our software with flexible APIs, allowing for quick and painless integrations – a novel approach within the industry.

A key focus is placed on integrations that enable greater mobility and eliminate manual data entry. For example, integrations with leading payment providers has dramatically reduced the amount of times a customer has to submit his/her credit card.

Traditionally a customer enters his card information 3 times: at the time of booking, during check-in for preauthorization and again at check-out. Once the system captures the card at the time of the booking, we can preauthorise or charge the card directly with the click of a button.


What’s up next with Mews? Online Check-in

A complete online check-in module is currently in beta testing that will allow customers to check-in directly from their phone, tablet or computer, at home or on the road. They will be able to fill in registration information, submit their credit card information, upgrade to a higher room category or even request special amenities to be ready upon arrival. Once the hotel receives information about the customer’s exact arrival time, they can welcome them by name and show them directly to their room, leading to greater customer satisfaction and a more meaningful interaction with your staff.


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