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You may have already heard a thing or two about what it’s like to work at Mews. But are we actually as open as we claim to be? Is unlimited holiday real? And is there really a company-wide addiction to merch? 

Many of your questions will be answered on our shiny new careers site. Head there now to see all of our open roles, find out more about the hiring process, and to learn about our values and culture. Or you can keep reading as we lift the lid on the reality of life at Mews. 

First, a disclaimer. You’re probably thinking: why should I trust you, Mr Blog Writer? You work in marketing. Well, that’s true, but I hope you’ll forgive me. To prove that I’m not making everything up, I also spoke to lots of Mewsers around the business to get their honest input. 


Every person has a voice

In some companies – particularly those that are bigger and more bureaucratic in structure – it’s easy to get lost in the system. To feel like a tiny, invisible cog that’s part of a giant machine whose path can never be altered. That’s not Mews. 

Every person is treated with respect and valued and we know that great ideas often come from cross-pollination between teams and departments. Without fail, there’s a weekly session of open (and anonymous) questions for our leadership team, where you can ask anything you like. 

“I feel that I have a voice at Mews in every sense of the word, which is not true for many companies, and that’s why I love working here so much,” said Danica, a Data Analyst on our Tech Team. “Having a say in the how, when and where of my work supports a good quality of life outside of my career. Having autonomy and influence combined with the support of my team helps me build a career I’m proud of.” 

Louis, a Business Operations Analyst, agreed. “I love the impact that I'm able to have at Mews. I feel truly empowered to not only influence my own workflows and projects, but to contribute to how the company operates and the decisions we make. I love that suggestions are always valued, listened to, and often acted upon. All of that while working with some of the smartest and most inspiring people I have ever met.” 


Our values have meaning

When it comes to company values, it’s not uncommon for companies to pick a bunch of appealing adjectives and leave it at that. They’re there, listed somewhere in an HR handbook, but never really referred to again. We try to be different. 

Yes, we have five appealing adjectives, but we actually embody them through our work and policies. If you didn’t know, Mews’ five values are: ambitious, resilient, curious, human and open

Openness is the value that was most mentioned when we ran interviews and focus groups to see what our team thought about our culture. It’s so important because it also implies the presence of another key value for any employee: trust. 

“What I appreciate most about Mews is the trust and transparency,” said Sylvia, a Junior Product Manager in the Connectivity Team. “There's a great level of transparency in the business – strategy, objectives, metrics, and lessons learned. It's a continuously collaborative process where teams are trusted to autonomously contribute towards high-level objectives. At the same time, open communication across reporting lines and functions keeps everyone in sync and helps us understand how our work helps move Mews forward.” 


It’s easy to get carried away...

“I wasn’t looking for a new job, but Jack was so compelling in describing Mews’ mission that I was curious to meet with the hiring manager,” said Bethany, our Product Director in Analytics. “Coming from a data company, I assumed that hotel tech wouldn’t be interesting to me – but my assumptions were wrong. I was surprised to realize that for the first time in nine years I had found something more worthwhile than my current job.” 

This is a neat way to demonstrate how Mews can be infectious, both in terms of the talent and enthusiasm of the people, and in our ambitious mission to transform an industry. If you get excited by making a real difference and being a part of an engaging community, you should head over to our open roles immediately. 

Leah, our CMO, describes her first experience with the company: “From the first time I met the Mews team, you could feel the energy in the room. It was lively, there was laughter, and there was an enthusiasm and a freshness that made me think: this place is crazy and I like crazy!” 


...but you don’t have to

We already mentioned the autonomy and freedom for exploration that you get in almost every role, and the same goes for the way you work. Everyone works differently. Mews is a flexible-first workplace. If you work better from home, that’s great. Do it. If you like to come in to the office once or twice a week, be our guest. Or if you prefer to be surrounded by your colleagues every day – well, you get the idea. 

All of this is to say that as long as you have ambition, talent and enthusiasm, you’ll be welcomed with welcome arms and fit right in. 


The Mews boomerang

It’s normal that people leave for pastures new every now and then. We won’t pretend that we’re the perfect fit for everyone and that no one ever wants to leave. However, a decent number of those who do leave end up coming back to us. That’s something to be really proud of, and that – we believe – speaks volumes. 

“I worked at Mews from 2018-2020 and then left to build my own teams at early-stage start-ups. The foundation that Mews gave me made me the most knowledgeable person in multiple domains, which was exciting until I realized I wasn’t challenged anymore,” said Harrison, our Business Development Manager. 

“I had to come back to Mews to build something that I simply couldn’t at any other company. Bigger was too static, smaller was too limited. Mews is just right.” 


What about the perks?

Your job is an important part of your life. Your life will be much happier if you enjoy what you do, where you work, and who you work with.  

Aside from the day-to-day of your role, what can you expect from Mews? Let’s talk benefits. Yes, unlimited holiday is a real thing. We trust everyone to find the right balance between work and play, so it’s up to you how many days you take.  

We don’t lock up your benefits in obscure schemes that no one really wants. You get a debit card that’s topped up every month and you can spend it on whatever you like. As an example, I use mine to pay for my Spotify subscription, for occasional take outs, and I saved up to buy an excellent pair of new Sony headphones (#notsponsored). 

Throw in bundles of Mews merch, health and wellness plans, pet friendly offices and company shares, and it’s a package that will make you feel great about working for Mews – although hopefully you would already. 

“The collective ambition of Mewsers was very apparent to me straight away and you quickly understand this is a special place to work,” said James, our Director of Talent Acquisition. “We all have the desire to build something that's memorable and significant, for us as well as our users. I love the desire to create equity and transparency in Mews. As everyone gets equity in the company, it creates an incredible level of ownership and investment in the work we are doing." 


Has this whet your appetite for a role at Mews? Begin your journey on our careers site.