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I speak on behalf of every Mewser when I say how excited we are to welcome Hotello into the Mews fold. 

It’s always a pleasure to grow the Mews community, particularly when it means welcoming both new customers and new people to our team. Here's a little more about why this decision made so much sense for everyone involved. 


The acquisition 

Those of you following Mews closely (or even casually) will know that acquisition and investment is a core part of our strategy. Hotello is our sixth acquisition in total and our fifth PMS acquisition – so it’s fair to say our Mews Ventures team have been busy over the last few years.  

This does mark our first Canadian acquisition, however, which signals an important marker in what will be a key market for Mews, in North America, as we continue to scale rapidly across the globe. 

As always, a huge amount of due diligence went on behind the scenes, not simply for the financial side of the deal but to examine two equally important areas: company fit and customer fit. 


The company fit 

There are plenty of similarities between Mews and Hotello. We both believe in the power of cloud technology to transform hotel operations, and have spent many years banging the drum for hotel automation. The same goes for integrations. 

We also both have remarkable teams with a broad set of experiences, linked by a passion to make hospitality experiences better for guests and staff. In the relatively short time that I’ve got to know the Hotello team, I’ve been blown away by their culture and their mentality when it comes to helping their customers achieve amazing results. 

We can’t wait to integrate this team into our own and benefit from their expertise. 


The customer fit 

Hotello have around 500 customers across Canada and the US. In fact, they’re one of the most popular PMS solutions for full service and independent hotels throughout Canada. 

It’s a particularly popular choice for the French-Canadian market, which makes them the perfect fit for Mews. We already have a brilliant French-speaking team and there are more Mews properties in France than any other region. Combine this with our aforementioned focus on North America and it’s easy to see why we’re getting excited. 


The future 

While this news is obviously exciting for everyone connected to Mews, it’s also hugely exciting for the Hotello team and customers. I think it fitting, then, that I leave the last word to them. 

Hotello was founded by Rafik Berzi and is now run by his daughter, Anaïs. Here’s what Anaïs had to say about the acquisition: 

“When I first met with Mews, I could tell our visions for the future of hospitality were aligned. This is an incredibly exciting moment for the team, our customers, and the future of hospitality. We had a number of offers but Mews has a proven track record of pushing the boundaries of innovation in this space and have successfully integrated other teams and products like Hotello. We’re really looking forward to what the future holds.” 


Mews Ventures is always on the lookout for compelling acquisition and investment opportunities. If you’d like to learn more and start a confidential conversation, you’ll find everything you need to know on the Mews Ventures site.